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Services we offer

Spiritual Hypnotherapy Heals

Specialising in accessing Past Lives & Life Between Lives.

Whatever you think this is, Dana is the Spiritual Regressionist that others come to.  

She has a special gift for this work and has a set of her own Spiritual Guides that

help her do this healing.

If you are looking for this Spiritual Regression Dana is the right person to call.

1.Regression Therapy 

Spiritual regression uses hypnosis techniques that enable the client to access the subconscious mind and the superconscious mind (an aspect of the higher self) to learn the root causes of any issues, phobias, problems, etc and to enable them to understand why they have chosen to go through these experiences. 

Healing then manifests itself by tracing the feelings of the emotions to the source. 

Once this occurs the healing begins using a number of techniques; the client’s own healing mechanism; creative visualization; positive reinforcement and suggestions creating the positive of the problem/issues the client was experiencing. 

It can also be used for future events eg. fear of job interviews, fear of flying, fear of public speaking. 

It is very successful in times of grief or changing past unpleasant events and tracing these to their origin e.g. childhood or past lives.

If you are looking to resolve any of the above issues contact Dana now.


2. Past Life Therapy

If you’re not happy? 

If you’re not getting what you need in life, why not start the change now?

In understanding your past lives and the impact they have on your current life, can change your life significantly in understanding the reason behind what is going on in your life.

Accessing a past life can heal reoccurring current negative behavioural patterns like addictions ie. Drug/alcohol, unhealthy relationships, lack of money or confidence.

Through integrating and healing your past life selves your personal energy and knowing becomes lighter and purified shedding unwanted baggage which may have been around for lifetimes.

So, if you want to know what is holding you back or why the same things are happening to you, contact Dana now to make an appointment.


3. Channelling Hypnotherapy

What have you really got to be afraid of? 

Tap into the soul’s unfinished business. 

It enables you to connect with those who have crossed over.

It helps you make better business and romantic decisions.

It puts you in closer contact with your spirituality.

With over 18 years of experience in Spiritual Hypnotherapy Dana has become a specialist in Spirit Cleansing/De-possession and spirit release.

Call for an appointment now, if you feel you need Dana’s assistance.


4. Chakra Balancing and Healing

In a Hypnotic Trance, the mind can access vibrational frequencies that go far beyond our three-dimensional conscious awareness.

It is in this state that deep healing and instantaneous transformations occur.  For instance, balancing and healing the chakras with specific suggestions at a level of high vibrational frequencies can accelerate healing and positive change. 

The knowledge and understanding of why you have chosen to go through the experience from a higher realm commences the healing process.

To take advantage of this powerful chakra healing call Dana to make an appointment now.


5. Relationships

Dana can definitely help you using Hypnotherapy;

If you are stuck in an unhealthy relationship and can’t find a way out, ie. Mental or Physical Abuse.

If you are looking for that special someone in your life, ie. soulmate.

Call now so Dana can help you find your way out of a bad relationship and into a loving and nurturing relationship. 

Now is the time to get help.  Call today for an appointment.


6. Lives Between Lives

Personal questions can be answered such as:

-Understanding and connecting with one’s life purpose?

-What soul lessons am I learning?

-What is my connection to family members?

-Discover your path and change your life?

-Letting go of fear to change to something better?

-Where I came from; Where I’m going; Where I originate from; Wanting to know more of what I am here for; What my purpose was for returning this time?

The soul can answer all these questions shedding light on the current situation whereby decisions can be made easily, and healing takes place for major life changes.

If you have any of these questions now is the time to call Dana.  She can help you now.


7. Dolores Cannon Quantum Hypnosis

Dana has completed Dolores Cannon’s training 1 and 2 in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy.  She has mastered this powerful technique to access the all-knowing part of ourselves that is called the Higher Self or the Subconscious Mind. 

This part of ourselves is always connected to the source and is unlimited and has the ability to heal the physical body. It also can heal mental and physical ailments which sometimes are rooted in trauma from past lives and can be connected to lessons being learnt in a person’s current life.  

The Higher Self or the Subconscious Mind reveals the cause and assists in completing the lessons according to the Soul’s Journey.

Dana has been refining her techniques to suit the individual’s needs focusing on positive outcomes to bring about rapid and lasting change.

So, if you are interested in any of the above and are looking for lasting changes, contact Dana now, to make an appointment.


8. Quantum Healing

Dana is a qualified practitioner in Quantum Bio-energetic Balancing Technique and the Axial Initiation as taught by Melissa Hocking the creator and founder of Quantum Bioenergetics International.  It is a non-invasive hands-off therapy accessing the Universal Healing Energy.


Quantum Bio-energetics is beneficial for any illness or disease.  Once you are immersed in the quantum frequencies your body will balance and heal at a cellular/DNA level where the communication of healing and balancing occurs.

It is a very powerful and non-invasive healing technique which produces amazing results with a strong intention. Healing occurs on many different levels; mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  During the healing session, these vibratory frequencies work through the existing human energy anatomy opening and maintaining a connection with your heart.  In essence activating the Universal Life Force so the body’s own life force is activated to heal resulting in being more peaceful, balanced and relaxed. 

It is recommended if you are experiencing some form of illness, addiction, dis-ease, or going through grief, trauma this is a very potent therapy on all levels. As everyone has a different makeup the experience is unique to everyone.

Now is the time to call to make an appointment with Dana if you want or need this technique.


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