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The Clinic

We want you to feel completely at home when you visit us in Panorama.

Each person has a personalised treatment program to suit their needs.

You will have our undivided attention during your session.

Your comfort, confidentiality and trust are important to us

and we will ensure you gain the best results. 

Longer sessions are scheduled to suit your requirements.

My Philosophy

I believe you can move mountains.

I use compassion, persistence and skill to help people in even the most

impossible situation by pulling together and making miracles happen.

It is everyone’s birthright to reach their highest purpose and maximise

their fullest potential.

To live an easier freer and enjoyable life.

This is achieved by accessing their Authentic self and to activate their

internal resources in a positive way to achieve their life goals.


Before the first session, our Confidential Questionaire must be completed and emailed or sent to us.

I have read, understood and signed the treatment plan guidelines form.

Testimonials from my clients.....

“Thank you for the work you did to assist me with the issues I had.  And I mean ‘had’ because I am no longer burdened with all those distractions and feel I can just get on with things now and excel where I had been blocked beforehand.  It was great working with you.  I feel you are really competent and just seemed to know how to gauge where I was at and lead me to make the changes I needed.”  Brin P

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